Nottingham Archives Visit

Communities Inc organised a visit to Nottingham archives on Thursday 9th May, where Chris Weir gave an insightful and inspirational tour which enhanced the progression of our Black Community Activism project. The visit included an introduction to the Archive service and its facilities. Our volunteers got to view and touch a selection documents that range from medieval charters to modern records, including documents which related to Black History.

The visit also included a talk showing the conservation of important documents, which takes specialist staff and technical equipment.

We then received a behind the scenes tour into the storage area where the temperature and humidity is controlled to see how the archives are maintained for the future. (Jackets were needed!)

To finish the session off we then viewed the search room to see how the indexes and catalogues can be researched, how the copies can be taken and how to get a readers ticket.

This experience was extremely fascinating and appreciated greatly by the volunteers. A few of them stated that,

“Having used the archive in the past I’d always wondered what was lurking behind the doors through which items appeared and the opportunity to see for myself the city’s cavernous Archive and conservation department was unmissable!”

‘It was fascinating to observe Nottingham in a new perspective; steeped in history.”

“The project has been really good,  I got to go to the Nottingham Archives and learn about Nottingham’s history.  I think this project is boosting my confidence”

See photos below