Social Integration Dialogues


Communities Inc. ran a successful dialogue hosted by the Punjabi Community Lunch Club on the 2nd February. Nearly 20 people participated in a wide ranging discussion on the threats and challenges to local community cohesion. Those attending included local faith organisations, small community projects, officers from Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire Police as well as local residents and business owners.

Some of the barriers highlighted included a lack of access to basic services, the integration of new arrival communities, poverty, lack of personal networks and capacity of small user led organisations.

The discussion also included what was working well in the area with highlights being greater partnership working, the role played by faith organisations and a diversity of people from different backgrounds.

The event was well received and the need for more opportunities for people to widen their experiences was reinforced.

Comments from participants:

  • It was good to find out what else is going on in the area
  • Really useful to network and meet others who we ordinarily would not meet
  • Made some really useful links that will help our work in the area
  • This event is really innovative and special

Michael Henry, who facilitated the dialogue said “It might sound like a simple thing but in an environment where individuals, local community groups and statutory services are under so many pressures it’s even more important that people come together to discuss and work on common problems. It’s equally important to celebrate local successes.”

A full write up of the event will be available soon and we have already set a date for the next dialogue on the 8th March. Please email for more information.