Celebration of Diverse Women – International Women’s Day Event

Communities Inc at International Women's Day 2016

Over the last few weeks Jagroop Dhillon from Communities Inc. has been working with the Women’s Group at the Rainbow Project to organise a celebration of the diversity of women in Nottingham. The group, which has around 25 members, were keen to share aspects of their cultures and countries of origin with other people in the local community. The event was attended by over 100 women (and 4 men – who were welcomed) provided a showcase of diverse cultures including a wide variety of delicious dishes prepared by members. There was singing, poetry, crafts, story-telling and a dialogue led by Communities Inc. to discuss the role of women in promoting community cohesion in Nottingham.

As part of the International Women’s Day event all participants created a collective journey by placing a footstep on a path. Here are some of the testimonials from the path:

“Thank you for walking with us through the long, scary, painful journey to unknown.”

“I value my step. It leads me to my destination, therefore I am mindful of where it goes and the steps it takes. With God’s help I can walk my way through life even with the storm.”

“Being an immigrant is a journey.”

“As they say life goes on… I am still walking my journey till I get to my destiny. I am proud to be a woman of God.”

“I’ve learnt to change the negative moments in life to positive moments, and to use the painful circumstances as a motivation to move forward.”

“Mine is the story of a single mother with a three years old boy. After four years of battling for my residency, I was given my status. Now I am about to go ahead to study. I will be a radiographer.”

“When everything is gone, thank you for being there and not giving up on us.”