Visit to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool

Communities Inc visit to National Slavery Museum for Living in Lenton Project

Communities Inc has been working with the Thomas Helwys Baptist Church on its Living in Lenton Project, which aims to engage local residents in activities that bring people together.

On Saturday 4th June a visit was organised to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool attended by nearly 50 people. To prepare people, Communities Inc ran a quiz on the journey to Liverpool about slavery in the past as well as modern slavery which globally affects nearly 46 million people.

Gill Isterling from the church, was on the trip said “ I think it was a really important day for many reasons, perhaps the most importantly being able to understand the nature of slavery and its effect on all of us, not just in terms of our history but our future; living in a multi cultural area, if real integration is to happen, it begins with the understanding that each person is respected and valued for who they are. Going somewhere like the International Slavery Museum enables you to catch the vision of that future by experiencing the horrors of our past and the results of those terrible behaviours in terms of historical racism and continued racism.”

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