Walk the Talk – sound walk exercise.

During this period of lockdown, we have had to postpone our latest Walk the Talk, which should have been happening on Friday 24th April. This was planned as a Sound Walk, a community walk exploring the soundscape of Nottingham City. As we can’t be together for this walk, we’re inviting you to do the following sound walk exercise instead!

You can do this during a walk in your local park, garden or nearby streets. You can also do this at home, sitting by an open window, or standing in your doorway.

As the world becomes quieter, we are connecting with our local areas, becoming aware of the small details that we’ve perhaps not noticed before.

As you walk, notice the sounds, smells and colours around you. Feel your feet connecting with the ground underneath.

  1. Find a place to stand or sit, be comfortable in this position.
  2. Close your eyes, or soften your gaze
  3. Be aware of your breathing. With each exhale, feel your body soften and relax.
  4. Allow your feet to rest on the ground.
  5. Slowly, notice the sounds you can hear around you.
  6. What can you hear in the distance, what can you hear close by?
  7. Keep listening for as long as you want.
  8. When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.
  9. Write down 3 things you heard while you had your eyes closed.
  10. You could also take a photo of the place you are in or create a sound recording on your phone.

You can do this exercise more than once during your walk, in different places. Feel free to explore and experiment with this!

Please share any photos, words, sound recordings with us, adding the hashtag #WalkTheTalk. You can email them to admin@communitiesinc.org.uk so that we can create an online library.

It would be great to find out more about your sound walk experiences!