Poems which inspire us: Kat Kotlarska

In the last of our series on poems which inspire the Communities Inc team, our Communications Manager, Kat Kotlarska, shares text from Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching and explains why she finds it so inspiring.

This lockdown is such a strange time for everyone. These days, I often find myself observing and thinking about how we go through it, both as individuals and society. I wonder what my role is and how I can safe-guard myself while making sure I help my friends, community, and my family who are a thousand miles away in my home country – Poland.

This year is also a very challenging and conflicting time. Every day I witness people creating incredible things and organising in their communities. Yet I have never seen people feeling so powerless as they do now, in the light of the pandemic.

From the beginning of the lockdown, I have been deepening my knowledge of Asian Philosophy. My search led me to Tao Te Ching, a Chinese classic, fundamental text for both philosophical and religious Taoism. One of the texts immediately resonated with me.

‘Best to be like water’ teaches harmony and being at peace.

I think it is easy to feel powerless during this time. The text showed me that sometimes you just need to go with the flow, show acceptance and resilience. We don’t always have to fight the system or ourselves. Sometimes sticking to the simple, universal truths can be best for our environment.

Water, as a metaphor, inspires me to keep going. It shows me that by being myself, I am a vital part of society.

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