National Bystander Awareness Day (NBAD) 2023

National Bystander Awareness Day (NBAD) 2023 was a busy one! We held an event in Parliament, put on a film screening at Nottingham Contemporary and joined Transport for London for a joint campaign on safe Bystander Interventions.

Ahead of NBAD 23, we were in London where we held an event at Portcullis House on Bystander Intervention Awareness for Members of Parliament (MP) and Parliamentary staff. The event was well attended by MPs including Kim Leadbeater and Diane Abbott, and we were joined by all Nottingham MPs Alex Norris, Nadia Whittome and Lilian Greenwood.


As you can see from above, this year we created NBAD selfie frames which went down a treat. Organisations from across Nottingham – including the Police and Crime Commissioner – came together to have their photos taken to spread the word: stand up to hate and prejudice!

The day before NBAD, we put on a film showing of The Square with Nottingham Contemporary. All tickets sold out and we had some really interesting conversations at the end of the film around social norms and the barriers to intervening when witnessing hate and prejudice. The film was introduced by our Creative Director, Shamsher, who touched on the Bystander Effect.

On NBAD itself, we joined up with Transport for London (TFL) who launched their new Bystander Interventions on public transport leaflets and posters. We held a stall at Kings Cross station where we spoke with commuters about how to safely intervene when they witness hate, and headed over to Walthamstow Central Station in the afternoon where we had some fantastic conversations. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, shared our comments on NBAD – you can read the full press release here.


We have exciting plans for NBAD 2024 where we will be launching International Bystander Awareness Day!