Reflecting on #IBAD2024

2024 – the first year of International Bystander Awareness Day!

This year marked the 60th anniversary of the murder of Kitty Genovese, a 28 year old bar manager who was attacked, in the early hours on the 13th March 1964 in Queens, New York, just meters from her apartment. Winston Moseley, stabbed, raped and murdered her and it was later claimed that 38 witnesses failed to help. 

Here at Communities Inc, we wanted to bring a focus to the positive role a bystander can play and chose the date of Kitty’s murder to establish an International day of awareness and action.

You can read a blog written by our Creative Director, Shamsher, on her personal reflections of the murder of Kitty Genovese here.

Here’s what we did to mark International Bystander Awareness Day (IBAD):

In the lead up to IBAD, we reached out to our friends and colleagues across the world to let us know what they were doing to mark the day, and to ask for words of encouragement for everyone to play their part in tackling hate.

We received messages from around across the globe, including Nigeria and Mali. We shared these contributions across our social media platforms to spread a message of international solidarity:

Also on our social media platforms, we shared practical tips and interesting facts around the Bystander Effect:

On the day itself (13th March), we held a Bystander Intervention taster session which was attended by over 60 individuals wanting to equip themselves with the skills needed to safely intervene when they witness hate or hostility.

We look forward to #IBAD2025!