Empowering Nottingham people to overcome discrimination.

We are helping Nottingham communities to grow stronger.

In some areas of Nottingham people do not interact or understand each other, and it needs to change. That's why we work with the communities in Nottingham so that they can create a welcoming and robust society.

How we do this

We use a comprehensive approach to community development.

We want to make real, long-lasting, and sustainable change. That's why we ensure we use a range of tools to tackle community issues.
Our main goals are to:
Increase communities' ability to challenge common
myths and stereotypes. 

Support communities to be more resilient and respond better to hate incidents.
Create opportunities for strengthening
relations within the community . 

Communities Inc at Nottinghamshire Pride

We combine our most successful projects to ensure the best results:

Bystander Interventions
We build community resilience by teaching
them safe bystander interventions.

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Hate Crime Awareness
We strengthen relations in the community through dialogues and increase hate crime awareness.

Tackling far-right narratives
We increase people's ability to challenge myths
perpetuated by far-right groups through workshops.

Get involved.

As a part of Building Stronger Communities Project, we offer a range of free services for Nottingham organisations and community groups.
We help communities discuss difficult issues by providing a safe space to come together.

We teach Nottingham communities how to respond to hate crime and challenge far-right narratives.
We organise events for all communities in Nottingham to get together.

We'd love to hear from you.

If you are interested in our training, want to work with us or simply have an idea you'd like to share with us, then please drop us a message.

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