Building Stronger Communities

Building Stronger Communities is a project based in Nottingham and Bassetlaw that promotes and encourages community cohesion and integration by organising activities that bring communities together.

Key factors contributing to harmonious and integrated communities are:

• People engaging with the local area and each other
• People understanding that they have commonality and mutual concerns
• People taking collective responsibility for the community and local area

The project aims to improve relationships by:

• Bringing communities together in dialogue to address common concerns
• Engaging people through diverse cultural and community events
• Building the capacity of local organisations through training, resources and information sharing
• Improving the effectiveness of existing hate crime reporting centres
• Establishing new third party reporting centres where required

Building Stronger Communities takes a holistic approach, adding value to existing activities on the ground and where possible tying in with key partners to ensure a coordinated approach that maximises resources in the sector.

If you wish to report hate incidents or crime via a third party reporting centre, please see the list below:

Contact Nottinghamshire Victim Care; call 0800 304 7575

NCVS:; call 0115 934 8400

Centre Place, Bassetlaw:; call 01909 479191

CSL at Shrewsbury Road Community Centre, Worksop:; call 01909 473078

NG7:; 0115 9791052

View our introductory video below:

Communities Inc has been working with the Thomas Helwys Baptist Church, to engage local residents in activities that bring people together.

On Saturday 4th June a visit was organised to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool attended by nearly 50 people. To prepare people, Communities Inc ran a quiz on the journey to Liverpool about slavery in the past as well as modern slavery which globally affects nearly 46 million people.

The recent EU Referendum result has catapulted the United Kingdom into economic, political and social uncertainty.  For local communities this has meant a dramatic increase (57%) in hate crime in the three days following the result and tensions have risen to levels not seen for decades. In response to this situation, Communities Inc. produced a video encouraging people to report hate crime incidents and organised a dialogue to enable those working with local communities to consider the challenges and ways forward.

Community dialogues are an important part of Building Stronger Communities project. Whenever we hold these event, we produce dialogue debriefs to capture the session, comments raised and actions to  be taken. For dialogue debriefs please go to our Resources page.





Here are some photographs of the events organised as a part of Building Stronger Communities Projects.