Nottingham Speaks

“Nottingham Speaks”, is a ground-breaking project aimed at creating dialogue between Nottingham’s diverse communities, as well as encouraging witnesses of hate crime to speak out against what they see.


Nottingham Speaks creates opportunities for communities to interact with one another targeting BME, white working class and Eastern European communities to challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes they face. As part of the project we will be producing myth busting guides clarifying the most common misconceptions, to counter the negative messages often communicated through the mainstream media.


The project is also developing awareness of what witnesses or bystanders to hate crimes and incidents can do by building their confidence and skills through training and workshops.


If you work with any of the communities this project is targeted at through community centres and places of worship then get in touch if you wish to hold a dialogue session, exchange visit or training around bystander interventions.


Nottingham Speaks is supported by