Positive Exposure

Positive Exposure is a project about promoting British values and challenging negative stereotypes about minorities and the state of the nation.

The UK has a long tradition of diversity that has had a positive impact across a range of areas, e.g. food, culture and the economy.

Recently Brexit have seen some groups manipulate the country’s social problems for their own gains. Blaming immigration, migrant workers and the threat of Islam on ‘British Values’ is an attractive rhetoric to some people who believe they are becoming second class citizens.

Positive Exposure is about exploring British values in the context of diverse communities and correcting the misinformation circulated by some far right groups in their messages to gather support.

If you work with people who may be vulnerable to these messages, please get in touch and we can arrange a dialogue to explore this further
and dispel myths. We can run free 1.5 hour workshops for up to 15 people.