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We live in a society where 97% of young women have been sexually harassed. Men's violence against women is widespread but still perceived as purely a women’s issue. It's time to change the focus and narrative.

We know that:
Men are the majority of perpetrators.
• Men's harmful attitudes and behaviour are the root of the problem.
• Men need to be held accountable to create the change we need.

That's why we developed Stand by Her. And now we offer it to you.
Tackles misogyny at the earliest stage.
Offers long-lasting solutions, which build capacity and skills in the community or organisation.
Builds confidence to intervene.
Uses memorable frameworks for maximum impact.
Stand by Her addresses misogyny in the earliest stages. We empower men to become allies to women and challenge harmful behaviour they see in their environment. We want them to send a message that harassment and violence against women are no longer acceptable in society. Therefore, Stand by Her has a real potential to change social norms and prevent men's violence against women.

Our Aims


Increase the awareness of sexual harassment and how to disrupt it.


Provide support to women.

Change the Tone

Send messages that misogyny is not acceptable.

Stand by Her:
Created by women, for men.

Stand by Her is a unique program that shifts the focus. Instead of putting the responsibility on women to keep themselves safe, it targets the root cause of the problem - men's harmful attitudes and behaviours. We want men to become allies to women and, therefore, part of the solution in addressing misogyny in our society.

Stand by Her makes a difference. It provides practical ways for men to respond to harmful behaviour and begin their allyship journey. It allows men to send a strong message and change the societal perception of what is and isn't acceptable. 

Our training.

Through the Stand by Her training, we explore the origins of stereotypes, analyse the impact on women, and explore what men can do to change how women are perceived and treated in today's society. We provide participants with a memorable and actionable framework for effective allyship.

Learn about men's negative attitudes and behaviours and the impact they have on women.

Increase confidence to be a more effective ally.

Develop strategies and skills to act safely and effectively.

Work on real-life scenarios to practice.

Receive a certificate. 

Unique expertise combined. 

Men's violence against women is a serious issue that requires expert knowledge. That's why Stand by Her has been co-developed by Communities Inc and Nottinghamshire Women's Aid. We combine years of expertise in bystander intervention training, community empowerment, and supporting women and girls experiencing violence, making Stand by Her a complete and effective programme.

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