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What are the ideas that transform communities?
Who are the people behind them, and how do they do it?
We’re talking to community leaders and change-makers to discuss their work.
By sharing our stories, being honest about the challenges we face and celebrating the successes of those around us,
we can build stronger communities together.

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How Safe Is Public Transport?

15: Professor Andy Newton is an academic at ⁠NTU⁠ whose work often focuses on improving safety on public transport. He joins Shamsher for this episode to talk about the important role of research in shaping policy.

How Do Organisations Build Trust?

14: This episode puts the spotlight on St. Annes and Sneinton, featuring the expansive work of the Renewal Trust. Shamsher is joined by Cherry Underwood to discuss how they serve their local community with long-term planning and continuous evolution.

Why Do People Hate?

13: This episode features Emily Wertans from the University of Leicester’s ⁠Centre For Hate Studies⁠. We’ll be exploring how this kind of research has an impact in the world around you as well as discussing their new film ⁠Revisiting The Harms Of Hate⁠ and ongoing podcast ⁠Hidden Hate⁠.

How Is Policing Changing?

12: DCI Claire Gould (Notts Police) joins Shamsher to reflect on their recent Stand By Her training collaboration, how it reflects the values of the service and how it contributes to cultural change.

How Autistic Are You?

11: Hint: It’s a trick question! Our producer talks to Autistic Nottingham about living and working with autism in Nottingham in a wide-ranging conversation that covers quirks, myths, reasonable adjustments and what the community needs from allies.

Can I Be A Pioneer?

10: Shamsher explores mutual support and starting a new project with one of our early allies, Marwa from Arab women’s group Heya Nottingham. Tackling issues of abuse and isolation through solidarity and creating a safe space has had a profound impact on this group, earning them national recognition for their work. This is a journey of solidarity and empowerment.

Is Feminism Still Relevant?

09: In this episode, our guest Erin Devitt (Notts Women’s Aid) talks to Shamsher about what it means to be a feminist, the current challenges and backlash the movement faces, and whether you too might be a feminist and not even realise it!

Who Gets A Voice?

08: Shamsher meets with Alex Norris to explore the role of MPs and how government is structured. If you’re curious about how local issues relate to conversations at a national level, this one is for you!

What Does It Take To Do Youth Work?

07: We invite Ben Rosser (Pythian Club) to discuss youth culture, authenticity and the benefits of community-led projects with Shamsher.

What Is The Refugee Crisis?

06: Shamsher meets with Adam Baker (Refugee Roots) to discuss the reality of the UK asylum system and consider why refugees face hostility in parliament and the press.

How Do You Build A Community?

05: This episode features Toni Jarvis talking to Shamsher about community building, ⁠Tiger Community Enterprise CIC⁠ and everything else going on behind the doors of Tiger Café.

Bonus Episode: Earnest Prattle

Following our conversation with Charlotte at Disability Support, we met with YouTuber Earnest Prattle aka Paul Wardle, who shared part of his story with us. Listen to how Paul went from a difficult situation to being in a position supporting other men in their mental health journeys.

Is Disability Always Disabling?

04: This episode focuses on Nottingham’s disabled community. Shamsher talks to Charlotte Throssel about ⁠Disability Support⁠ and how they are addressing needs that are not met by existing services.

What is Islamophobia?

03: At the start of Islamophobia awareness month, Shamsher and Imam Ahmed Peerbhai (⁠Green Academy Trust⁠) talk about Islamophobia and the impact it has on people in our community. They also discuss allyship and our Safety Through Engagement collaboration.

Why Do We Need Antiracists?

02: Shamsher discusses the current impact of racism in the community and what local groups are doing about it with guests: Manjit S Sahota (Poets Against Racism) & Richard Buckwell (Stand Up To Racism).

How Did We Get Here?

01: In this pilot episode, Shamsher & Michael discuss the history as well as the future of Communities Inc, introducing our new podcast series.

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