About The Podcast

What are the ideas that transform communities?
Who are the people behind them, and how do they do it?
We’re talking to community leaders and change-makers to discuss their work. By sharing our stories, being honest about the challenges we face and celebrating the successes of those around us, we can build stronger communities together.

How To Listen

Episodes are released twice a month and will be available here on the website. Alternatively you can click the icons below to listen via the platform of your choice.


Is Disability Always Disabling?

04: This episode focuses on Nottingham’s disabled community. Shamsher talks to Charlotte Throssel about ⁠Disability Support⁠ and how they are addressing needs that are not met by existing services.

What is Islamophobia?

03: At the start of Islamophobia awareness month, Shamsher and Imam Ahmed Peerbhai (⁠Green Academy Trust⁠) talk about Islamophobia and the impact it has on people in our community. They also discuss allyship and our Safety Through Engagement collaboration.

Why Do We Need Antiracists?

02: Shamsher discusses the current impact of racism in the community and what local groups are doing about it with guests: Manjit S Sahota (Poets Against Racism) & Richard Buckwell (Stand Up To Racism).

How Did We Get Here?

01: In this pilot episode, Shamsher & Michael discuss the history as well as the future of Communities Inc, introducing our new podcast series.

Upcoming Episodes

Bonus: Earnest Prattle29/11/2023
Episode 5: How Do You Build A Community?06/12/2023
Episode 6: What Is The Refugee Crisis?20/12/2023
Episode 7: What Does It Take To Do Youth Work?03/01/2024
Episode 8: How Do You Change Culture?17/01/2024
Episode 9: Is Feminism Still Relevant?07/02/2024

Plus much more!