Report Hate Crime

All the information you need about hate and reporting it. 

Remember that you do not have to be a victim to report hate crime, witnesses can do it too. 

What is hate?
What does it look like?
Why should I report?
How to report?
Impact of hate.
Support Services.

What is hate?

Hate is any behaviour you think is motivated by hostility or prejudice. Some hateful behaviours break the law and become a criminal offence - a hate crime.
People commit hateful acts for many reasons. However, some people are more targeted than others. That's why the police monitor some categories in particular. Those categories are:
-  Race
-  Religion
-  Sexual Orientation
-  Disability
-  Gender identity

In Nottinghamshire, we also monitor:
- Alternative Subcultures
- Misogyny (hatred towards women)
For more detailed legal definitions, visit the Crown Prosecution Service website. 
Hate manifests in many ways
Hate incident

A hate incident is any negative or hurtful behaviour motivated by hate. It's often harder to identify than a hate crime. Examples of hate incidents are:
Mocking or teasing
Derogatory jokes and language
Hate crime

A hate crime is any criminal offence committed because of who the victim is, such as: 

Criminal damage
Threats of violence

What does hateful behaviour look like?

It is important to report all incidents of hate - whether you think it's a crime or not - so that the police have a clearer picture of what's happening.

Why should I report hate?

Reporting hate can be very powerful and bring about a long-lasting change. By reporting you also can:
  • Express solidarity with the victim and send a message that you do not tolerate hate.
  • Stop it from getting worse or happening again.
  • Stop it from happening to other people.
  • Help authorities put in place measures that may prevent hate crimes in the future.
  • Help the police and other agencies get a more realistic picture of what is happening.
  • Help victims to access the appropriate support.

Emergencies: 999
Non-emergencies: 101
Trains - Text 61016 or call 0800 40 50 40.
Online -
Crime Stoppers 
Third Party Reporting Centre
Find your local Reporting Centre and report it there.

How to
report hate?

Hate crime is still largely underreported and has doubled since 2013.

There is no such thing as being a neutral observer. By doing nothing, you allow hate to continue.

What's the impact of hate?

Hate has a significant impact on both individuals and communities.
Individuals can feel:
Withdrawn or depressed.
Angry or fearful.
Isolated or abandoned.
In communities, it can create:
Divisions and tensions.
No-go areas.
A sense of isolation.

Have you experienced hate? Don't suffer in silence!

We know that hate crime hurts. Thankfully, some organisations work tirelessly to help victims and often also witnesses or friends. They offer emotional support, advice, practical help and more. You can access their service anytime, even if the incident happened in the past and you haven't reported it. 
Nottinghamshire Victim Care
Nottinghamshire Victim Care helps victims of crime and anti-social behaviour in the Nottinghamshire area.
Call: 0800 304 7575
Victim Support
Victim Support offer nation-wide support to anyone affected by crime.
Call: 08 08 16 89 111

How does it feel to be a victim of hate?

Listen to Jonathan's, Diane's, and Clint's stories of experiencing hate and learn about the impact it has.

Learn how to intervene.

Reporting hate crime when or after it happens is an excellent step towards eliminating hate, but what if you could prevent it from happening in the first place?

The studies show that if you intervene in the first 10 seconds of the incident, 50% of the time the incident will stop or de-escalate. You also let the perpetrator know you disagree with their views and actions. By taking action, you break the cycle. Next time the perpetrator will think twice and potentially choose not to commit a hate crime.

Our Stand by Me intervention project will empower you to take action whenever you see it.

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