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Why choose us?

Things are changing all the time for all of us, but one thing you can be sure of is that you can still book training with Communities Inc. As long as it continues to fit within government restrictions, we can still deliver our workshops face-to-face (in a fully COVID-19 compliant way - see below) or we can offer online training instead. There are many reasons why we are ideally placed to provide you with this training, including the 3 following factors.
Our facilitators have years of experience in challenging and addressing hate, as well as in delivering workshops, talks and community dialogues.
We offer informative training in a choice of formats. Workshops come with free resources which have been researched, designed and developed to support your learning.
As long as it fits within government restrictions, we can still deliver our workshops face-to-face (n a fully COVID-19 compliant way) or we can offer online training instead. 
"Communities Inc have not only asked how people can intervene in acts of hate, but have come up with practical ways to do just that...

You could be part of a whole movement of people who are standing up to hate."
- Emma Kemp, Acacia
Stand by Me training participant

What makes our training COVID-compliant?

When it fits within government guidelines to run face-to-face workshops, we are implementing a series of measures to ensure that our training sessions are COVID-19 compliant. 

These measures include:
- Making hand sanitising gel and masks available to all participants.
- Using large venues and restricting the numbers of attendees, to enable social distancing.

* Where lunch has been requested in advance.

What training do we offer?

We offer workshops on three key areas as follows:

Bystander Intervention Training

Did you know that you are less likely to help someone in need when there are other people around you? Called the bystander effect, it means that you are less likely to intervene when someone is experiencing hate.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and our bystander intervention training programme - Stand by Me - will empower you to take action if you witness a hate incident.

This workshop will cover:
- What counts as an act of hate.
- Why it's so important to report it.
- What stops you from intervening if you witness hate.

- Safe indirect interventions you can make to help others.
- Options for safe direct interventions you can make when appropriate.

- 2 hours (flexible)

Optional extras:
- lunch (booked in advance)

Hate Crime Awareness Training

With an increasing number of hate incidents taking place in the UK, it is crucial that we all recognise what an act of hate is and how we can eradicate the issue.

This workshop will cover:

- What constitutes an act of hate
- The difference between a hate crime and a hate incident
- The impact hate has on individuals and communities
- How to report hate
- Support services available for victims

- 2 hours (this is flexible)

Optional extras:
- lunch (booked in advance)

Far-Right Awareness Training

The far-right has been using both people's fears around COVID-19 and the issues addressed in the Black Lives Matter protests, to further their own agenda. They might well have influenced you without you knowing it.

This training looks at the rise of the Far-Right and what you can do to tackle the issue.

The workshop will cover:
- Who represents the Far-Right.
- How they use people’s fears to spread their messages.
- What part the media and social media play in reinforcing these views.
- How they recruit and expand their networks.
- What you can do to change the narrative.

- 2 hours (this is flexible)

Optional extras:
- lunch (booked in advance)

What will it cost?

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with a quote tailored to fit your needs.

For some organisations and individuals we can provide training free of charge, so we'll discuss that with you if you qualify.

Want to know more?

If you've still got questions about any aspect of our training, email us and we'll be happy to help.